“PUPILS 52 boys and girls, aged 4-11 A teeny-tiny school with just over 50 pupils in three classes – but golly, it’s a good one. A mother emails: ‘When I looked around Llangrove, the children were coming in from break and one handed me a flower on her way past, which was pretty compelling.’ Llangrove is a largeish village (one pub, one school), 15 minutes north of Monmouth in a glorious valley. Deputy head Sarah Dean is, says a mother, ‘lovely and very down to earth’, and there are two ‘fantastic’ male teachers. There’s great focus on good manners (pupil behaviour was rated Outstanding by Ofsted), and strong links with the church and the local community. We’re impressed with the IT provision – lots of laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards in each classroom. Pupils praise the after-school sports clubs, swimming lessons in Monmouth in the summer, theatre trips to Hereford and an annual whole-school expedition – one year they went to Barry Island, which must have been a whole lot of fun.”

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Admissions and Starting School


Don’t forget to apply for your child’s primary school place! Is your child five between September 2018 and August 2019?

Starting School at Llangrove CE Academy

Children beginning school are welcomed into Acorn Class as visitors for half-day sessions in the second half of the Summer term preceding their entry. This helps the children to acclimatise themselves with and become familiar with the routine of the school.
Pupils completing their primary education normally transfer to the John Kyrle High School, Ross-on-Wye for the beginning of the Autumn Term following their eleventh birthday, or to Monmouth Comprehensive School. Some parents or carers opt for their children to take the entrance examination for Haberdashers’ Monmouth Girls’ School or Monmouth School for Boys.

Admissions Policy
The criteria applied for the admission of children to the school in the event of over-subscription, is in the following order of priority:
1. Pupils with a Statement of Special Education Need which names the school and those pupils in receipt of banded funding where the Local Authority, in consultation with the Governors, believes that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
2. Pupils in the ‘Looked After’ system and children who were looked after, but cease to be because they are adopted and where the approved agencies, in consultation with the Governors, agree that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
3. The school is the one designated for the area in which the child lives.
4. The presence of older brothers or sisters in the school at the time of admission.
5. Special medical or social needs of the pupil. Production of a medical certificate or other appropriate information is required.
6. Children of families who are active members of the Church of England or who are committed to the practice of the Christian religion.
7. The location of the home in relation to the school, i.e. children who live nearer to the school will be given priority if the preferences exceed the admission level.


Our current admission limit is 12 per year group. The governors review the admissions policy annually. Parents or carers are requested to register their children in advance. All new parents or carers are invited to the school for an induction afternoon so that they can see the facilities, feel the atmosphere of the school, meet the executive Head teachers and staff and discuss arrangements. The school also welcomes prospective and current parents to its autumn open days and by appointment throughout the year.