Behaviour & Anti-Bulliying Procedures

Within its Christian foundation the school has a strong commitment to promoting good behaviour through positive strategies, high expectations and a programme of Values for Life Education.

Teaching is well planned and interesting, providing children with challenging but achievable tasks.

School rules have been developed with the children. They are based on the principles of consideration and respect for self and others. The aim is for pupils to achieve self-discipline and develop their own sense of responsibility. We use a ‘Good to Be Green’ behaviour scheme and pupils are regularly rewarded in a variety of ways for demonstrating outstanding behaviour.

In the very few instances when pupils make choices that are not in line with our expectations, the consequences of their actions are clearly outlined to them. We take swift action to deal with any incidents of bullying and the children and parents or carers are encouraged to discuss any problems at an early stage. Here is a link to our Anti-Bullying Policy

In extreme cases of behavioural concern, parents or carers will be contacted and the matter will be dealt with by the Deputy Head and Head Teacher in partnership with them. The Head Teacher, in consultation with the Governing Body, can exclude children from school.

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