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Phonics Schemes

We use Floppy’s Phonics to teach our EYFS and KS1 pupils phonics.

Older children in Key Stage 2 are taught phonics using the THRASS phonics scheme if required.

Reading Schemes

We use Oxford Reading Tree as our main reading scheme.

Writing Schemes

Underpinning our teaching of writing at all of our HMFA schools is the fantastic ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, pioneered by educational consultant, Pie Corbett. This process enables children to take part in drama, speaking and listening, and exciting activities as a precursor to writing. High quality writing is modelled to children and they plan and edit their writing until they have produced work they can be proud of. The ‘Talk for Writing’ approach ensures that we support children and show them how to write; we have high expectations of children and challenge them to do their best; and that children take ownership of their writing and make good progress.

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